FMKASZK – FM Bercsényi Miklós Post-Secondary Vocational School

FMKASZK – FM Bercsényi Miklós Post-Secondary Vocational School

The name of our school is Táncsics Mihály Agricultural Vocational College (FM Közép-Magyarországi Agrár-szakképző Központ, Bercsényi Miklós Élelmiszeripari Szakgimnázium, Szakközépiskola és Kollégium), and we belong to the FM KASZK – Agricultural Training Centre of the Central Hungarian Region.

The FM KASZK Centre consists of four Green VET schools with app. 1400 students altogether - out of which our school provides about 450 pupils.

Our school was founded in the year of 1946, and since then we have provided a great number of generations with agricultural training on level EQF 2-3 and 4.

Students can finish their studies after a four-year course, which ends with the Matura Exam (EQF 3), or they can chose to continue with an extra professional year and get the qualification of a technician in agriculture (EQF 4).

We also offer courses for EQF 2 level in farming and horse-breeding.

Students coming from faraway localities can stay at our hostel, which is suitable for the accommodation of app. 120 youngsters. We also have our own canteen as well as sport playgrounds for football and handball. Our buildings are surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden of 2 acres.

Furthermore, our school owns an educative farm, which serves as the basis for practical education and training.

The farm stretches on 33 acres of cultivated land and it also includes a 0,5 acre orchard.

Crops grown on our fields are used as forage as we also deal with animal husbandry. We raise sheep, pigs, poultry, horses and cattle at the school farm. Fruit, vegetables, crops and other products are also processed at our kitchen and served at our canteen.


Address: 2-4 Telep street Vác 2600

Phone: : 06-27-314-465