ITStudy Hungary Ltd. was established in 1989 by highly qualified IT experts with strong innovative energy and intensive R&D activities, based on their academic background. We delivers further training programmes for teachers – accredited in Hungarian Education  System – on eLearning methodology for developing their enhanced ICT competencies, and eLearning adoption capabilities.

The R&D activities play important role in the company's profile and related to these activities it has wide professional partnership at both national and international level, collaborating with several research and educational institutes in R&D projects. Prompt worked as the coordinator institute in the ‘Best Practice’ European LLL project: “TENEGEN - Connect the teachers to teach and reach the Net generation (2008-2010) and the SME 2.0 - Proactive Networking in Business Management of European SMEs (2011-2013) Leonardo projects.”

The ITStudy Hungary Computing Ltd, is an Educational and Research Center.The legal predecessor of the iTStudy was founded in 1989 for informatics, computer training, hardware and software development, computer services and commercial activities.
The founders are university teachers, who has many years of experience in teaching and research. The adult education activities started in 1993, thanks to our results in recent years. We have been the market leader in Godollo and the area around in the field of IT training and e-learning developments.

The iTStudy Hungary Ltd is an adult education institution with the permission (license number: E-000573/2014) of the National Labour Office. It is an accredited ECDL testing center since 1998.

Main activities:

  • IT training courses, and accredited ECDL exam preparation (day, evening and distance learning)
  • ECDL examination
  • IT competence development training syllabus according to specific needs (in English and in German)
  • Design and development of training programs
  • Teacher training in the field of e-learning methodology
  • E-learning Development Frameworks
  • E-learning content development, consulting
  • Development of Multimedia Tutorials

The Learning Center has introduced in 2001 and since then has run the ISO 9001: Quality Management System according to the standard of 2008. The operation of the system is a guarantee to our customers the same high-quality, constantly controlled and documented training, development and consultancy services to our clients.
The company's strengths is the innovation, we are partners and co-ordinators promoters of numerous national and EU research and development project. On our initiative the Central Hungarian Innolearn Cluster was set up in 2008 - aimed at sharing knowledge between the sectors of e-learning solutions, new methods supported by the technology education (TEL) in the development of new learning theory - the Connectivism - practical applications of exploring.

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