MAGYULA – Magyar Gyula Post-Secondary Vocational School

MAGYULA – Magyar Gyula Post-Secondary Vocational School

Our school’s main profile is the horticultural education. This is the 114th year of our school which is very popular because of its wonderful environment. In our school 550 persons studied as full-time students on September 1, 2015. Our basic goal is that our students should be able to think responsibly, to be respectful towards others, to be committed, to work hard and to study.

The students who are learning in our school can participate in different vocational training courses. In addition to the vocational training they can also take the school-leaving exam. If somebody apply for our school, they can be gardener, fruit and vegetable growers, herb and spice growers, ornamental plants gardener, florist and flower trader, flower decorator, gardener worker and park maintainer. The school is famous for its florist education. Our students have the opportunity of spending their trade practice in abroad. We have connections with several European countries. E.g. Italy, France, Finland, Germany…

We are one of the best equipped schools in the country, we have lots of high quality tools and equipment. There are many well-qualified teachers, who provide high quality education.

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