Multiplier event in Budapest

Multiplier event in Budapest

The first multiplication event of the Flip-IT! project was held on 17th May 2016, in the premises of Számalk-Szalézi Secondary school, in Budapest, Hungary.

The consultation was built around a flipped method, so all participants could experience the opportunities, benefits and challenges of the flipped classroom method.

We demonstrated how we can easily produce video tutorials without being professionals in this field and that it is not impossible to create animations that are spectacular and make the learning content easily digestable.

During the workshop teachers worked in groups, and developed an idea about how to build a lesson using the flipped method. The 7 groups chose different topics each, they developed the idea and presented their outcome to the other participants.

We concluded that there is a high chance for the flipped classroom method - supported by short tutorial videos - to become a pedagogical tool of daily, regular use. Being a teacher requires keeping up with the trends in the world.