NJSZKI – Neumann János Post-Secondary Vocational School

NJSZKI – Neumann János Post-Secondary Vocational School

Our school, a member of Budapest Technical Vocational Centre, is a vocational secondary school training students also for the national matura exams.

The school was founded in 1988, and has been specialized purely in information technology. Since 1989 disabled learners (either with restricted mobility, hearing- or sight impairment) have been taught inclusively in mainstream classes.

The rate of the students with special educational needs is approximately 12%. About the same number applies to the rate of female students. J

Our students mainly apply for software developer and supervisor majors at further education when entering adult education.  Applying for universities, colleges, they tend to choose information technology, programme planning as majors and earn their degrees. Our institute has been involved in various projects that aim at developing methodological knowledge of the teachers, acquiring awareness of project approach, learning experience improvement. Both our teachers and students are open to innovative methods that are involved in several subjects.

Thanks to our rich and diverse activities of our colleagues, we pride ourselves on being a National Talent Point with excellent accreditation, on being a Qualified Reference Institute as well as an Eco-School. Our good practices about project approach or teaching programming are adapted at several schools.

Methods learnt during the Flip-IT project can turn teaching difficult subjects into more complex as well as more enjoyable.

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(Budapesti Műszaki Szakképzési Centrum Neumann János Számítástechnikai Szakgimnáziuma)