OPUS – Opus Learning Ltd.

OPUS – Opus Learning Ltd.

Opus Learning Limited (“Opus”) was established in 2010 by CAPDM Limited as a new online business learning provider at Further Education (FE) level in the UK.

Importantly, Opus is an approved Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) study centre, i.e. operates as a college, but specialising in online distance learning and development.  Opus Learning leverages CAPDM technologies and know-how to provide scalability and repeatability of course units and digital instances of customised, populated servers for partner colleges and centres. Opus has established partnership agreements to deliver programmes online for partners in Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and India.

Opus is developing a range of Higher National Certificates (HNC) and Diplomas (HND), plus related continuing professional development (CPD) qualifications.  These are qualifications at EQF Level 5.

Opus deliberately has very few students of its own, preferring instead to offer B2B services to other established colleges, and to centres looking to aspire to become SQA Approved Centres in their own right.  Opus’s key product offering is a ‘College in a Box’ – a customised, course unit server populated with a range of HNCs and HNDs, ready to support students in online study.  ‘College in a Box’ also includes a fully developed Quality Manual outlining all quality processes involved in operating an approved college.

Read more: http://www.opuslearning.com/