SZÁMALK-Szalézi Post-Secondary Vocational School

SZÁMALK-Szalézi Post-Secondary Vocational School


„Everybody is talented at something, let’s find out together what you are good at!”

Our school regularly takes part in pedagogical researches and developments, these innovations are constantly being integrated in our everyday’s work.

Our school’s future is ensured by this continuous development. The the past twenty years’ achievements serve as a solid base, as well.

Our top priority is to provide that kind of environment, in which teachers, tools and possibilities are available to improve the students’ foreign language competencies and professional skills. Besides studying, it is also important to enrich our students’ human values and professional knowledge.

It is important for us to help those who left behind, to provide talent development courses for the excellent ones, and also to help everyone reach their objectives with acquiring more knowledge by contributing with hard work.

We regularly organize creative camps, excursions, cultural programmes, events and also international courses for the students. We organize exhibitions, students can participate in competitions and we offer them a sense of community, whose members can definitely make friends and develop themselves.

The students have the option to take part and take exams in international courses, get references, to make the first step on their carreer ladder.

The general aim of the institution is to teach our young learners how to think responsibly, how to be free. Teach them to respect others, be committed, work and study hard.

The most important professional and pedagogical goal is to help all our students to obtain a NQR certificate (advanced level or higher) and also appropriate professional, practical and personal skills. For the young ones it is enough to start a career and for the adults it is a good chance to restart their career or keep their present jobs.


Data our school

In our school, currently 680 people is studying as a full-time student and 170 people as part-time student. Our adult courses are also popular, 181 people continued their studies in four types of professional trainings.


Our education profile by professions

Presently we are offering 19 training programmes (2016/2017). All our training programmes are based on a school leaving certificate. We offer high-level (54) and advanced level (55) vocational qualifications. We also offer adult training programmes, those have special entry requirements.

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