O2 - Flipped Classroom Curriculum for VET teachers

O2 - Flipped Classroom Curriculum for VET teachers

The Flipped Classroom Syllabus was prepared, including three modules with detailed definition of learning objectives, topics, learning outcomes and skills to be developed.

The aim of the first module is to provide theoretical background on flipped classroom method. It helps teachers to identify its pedagogical concept and innovative features, and to evaluate its value against the traditional, frontal teaching methods. This module enables them to develop the first idea to apply FC in their teaching environment.

The second module is about collecting and developing motivating digital content for the students to learn as homework before the classroom. The participants will be able to find and select open educational resources (OERs) relevant to their special subject and didactic aims. They will learn and practice how to work with freely available applications and web 2.0 tools and to create motivating multimedia contents, presentations, videos, animations and publishing them online by using Creative Common licenses.

The aim of the third module is to prepare the participants for utilizing the potential of flipped classroom method in a practice-oriented approach, starting with lesson planning and closing with self-reflection after conducting the classroom work. The most important goal of this module is to make it clear that the focus of the flipped classroom method is not the technology but the pedagogy.

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