O5 - Flipped Classroom Methodology in the Vocational Education

O5 - Flipped Classroom Methodology in the Vocational Education

The number of teachers involved in the online course exceeded original expectations, teachers were very much interested to take part in the experiment.

During the course, participants became familiar with the theoretical background and main features of the Flipped Classroom methodology. They created motivating digital content for a carefully selected topic, using one or more of the web 2.0 tools introduced in the course. They planned and even delivered their flipped lesson. Finally teachers and their students evaluated the experiment based on pre-defined criteria. 

Each course was facilitated by mentors of the partner countries. They kept the participants involved in online forum discussions, monitored their progress, assisted them whenever they needed help and evaluated the assignments at the end of each module, by giving detailed feedback.

The course was highly successful - teachers and involved students talked about it very positively and intend to apply the method in the future as well as one of the tools of the 21st century teacher.

For more detailed information please refer to the 5th Newsletter.