O3 - Online Learning Content for Flipped Classroom Curriculum

O3 - Online Learning Content for Flipped Classroom Curriculum

In this phase of the project the course components were defined and designed. Partners collaboratively developed digital learning objects for the 3 modules, which were then implemented in the platform. The source version was created in English, and then the content was translated to the other 3 languages, also leaving space for localization (e.g. there are applications that are only available in one specific language).

The main idea was that the learning content had to be highly practice-oriented, at the end of the 3rd module teachers should be able to prepare for and even conduct their 1st FC lesson with their students, and they had to submit a report (self-reflection) with their experiences as a final assignment of the course.

The learning material has two main parts: the core content for the three modules with pictures and figures, and the video tutorials related to the topics of the content.

The videos are available on the YouTube channel of iTStudy, in the playlist “Flipped Classroom”

For more details please refer to the 3rd Newsletter.